Saturday, January 26, 2008

Edmonds Top 10 Power Rankings

Season 7 is just getting underway in Edmonds. Here is the season's first Power Ranking. See who is getting off to a fast start!

1- Memphis Bulls (HuskyBoy)13-3. Mempis started the season winning a four game series with Florida 3-1, won a three game series with New Orleans 2-1, swept three games series against Toledo and Tampa Bay, and just completed a 2-1 series win against Atlanta. Memphis has allowed the fewest runs scored in the ML with 56.

2- Boston Pelicans (DodgerBlue13) 13-4. Boston started the season splitting a four game series at Pittsburg, won a three game series 2-1 against Charleston, swept three game series against San Jose and Philadelphia, and just completed a 3-1 series against Cleveland. Leads the ML with 3.08 ERA, and is second in WHIP with 1.18. Ismael Torcato and Glenn Anderson have each recorded shutouts.

3- Scottsdale Poltroons (mfkidd) 12-4. Swept Honululu to start the season, won 2-1 series against Las Vegas, Philadelphia, San Jose, and Minnesota.

4- Minnesota Twins (dmontagn) 12-4. Started the season 8-0 sweeping Tacoma and Cleveland, then lost 1-2 series against Nasheville, swept Seattle, and just lost 1-2 series against Scottsdale.

5- Pittsburg Pirates (axtell) 11-6. Split 4 game series with Boston, won three games series 2-1 against Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Charleston. Just completed a 3-1 series victory against Seattle. Pittsburg pitching leads the ML in OAV, OBP, SLG, and WHIP. They are third in team ERA at 3.27.

6- San Juan Cucarachas (spudley) 11-6. Split 4 game series with Baltimore, won 2-1 series versus Atlanta, swept Arizona and Iowa City, just completed 1-3 series against Chicago. San Juan's offense leads the ML with 119 runs scored and 116 RBIs. They are tied with Nashville for team home runs with 32.

7- Houston Hammers (darrenpv) 10-7. Started season 3-1 vs. Louisville, 2-1 vs. Texas, Seattle, and Nashville. Just completed a 1-3 series against Las Vegas. Ariel Roque leads the ML with 10 Hrs.

8- Arizona Cowboys (gogomez1) 10-7. Started season 3-1 vs Sacremento, 2-1 against Omaha, was swept 0-3 vs. San Juan, swept Los Angeles 3-0, split 4 game series against Tampa Bay.

9- Chicago Mayhem (blitziscomin) 10-7. Started season 3-1 vs. Ottawa, 2-1 vs. Helena, lost 1-2 vs. Tampa Bay and Toledo, just completed 3-1 series against San Juan.

10- Philadelphia Panthers (Phillies26) 9-7. Started season sweeping Charleston 4-0, went 1-2 vs. Pittsburg and Scottsdale, was swept 0-3 by Boston, just completed three game sweep of Nashville.


mfkidd said...

Poltroons Number 3 with a bullet! Great job with the blog, looking forward to it as the season continues. I definitely don't like I-Cat coming to the NL.

David said...

Wanted to see if I had access to the blog.

gogomez1 said...

Great to see the Cowboys moving up! We're so money baby!!

Gator993 said...

Rankings are already outdated. Cowgirls going down.