Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to Edmonds World Blog

In this blog we will keep up with everything that is happening in HBD Edmonds World. Previews of upcoming division races, record accomplishments, and world stats. This is my first time trying to keep up with a blog so if anyone wants to help please let me know. This is just going to be another great addition to the world.
Some quick history on the world. The 63rd world created in HBD was originally formed when the rush of creating new worlds was still beginning. At a time when multiple worlds would just post a password and hope to fill, Edmonds was created by Dodgerblue (owner of the Boston Pelicans). After a couple shaky seasons at rollover time Gator993 of the New Orleans Card Sharks (aka The N.O.) helped keep the world private by recruiting quality owners. Still allowing new owners to HBD to join as long as there passion for fantasy sports was strong. Soon turnover became very small. We haven't had more then 4 teams leave in 3 seasons now as we are currently in season 7.
I look forward to bringing more history, rivalry, and stats to the blog in the future.

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Camp said...

Looks great so far Gator! For newer owners to this world, the history is good to know.