Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Recap: Season 6 Player Awards

American League

Most Valuable Player
Calvin Hayashi hit 72 HRs and 178 RBIs with a .310 Avg and 1.080 OPS. This amazing season helped the Florida Gators go 108-54.

Cy Young
Wayne Christenson posted a 19-5 record with a 2.75 ERA and 1.22 WHIP in 202.2 innings. He struck out 147 while only walking 45. He led the Chicago Mayhem to their third straight ALCS appearance, and their first World Series title.

Rookie of the Year
Desi Henriquez burst into the major leagues at age 22. He was Chicago Mayhem's ace out of the bullpen. He recorded 24 saves in 30 attempts, striking out 59 while walking 23. He posted an ERA of 3.32 in 62.1 innings.

Fireman of the Year
Denny Munoz was money for the Florida Gators in Season 6. He recorded 39 saves in 43 attempts, striking out 44 while only walking 18. He posted an ERA of 5.04 in 60.2 innings.

National League

Most Valuable Player
Alex Rivas provided the Las Vegas Pit Bosses with 46 HRs and 131 RBIs with .333 avg. and 1.028 OPS.

Cy Young
Stewart Sewell led the Pittsburg Pirates to the World Series. He posted a 17-5 record with an ERA of 2.68 in 198 innings pitched. He struck out 129 while only walking 51. His WHIP was 1.06.

Rookie of the Year
Harvey Baldwin was called up for the Tacoma Wahoos into the starting rotation at age 22. In 30 starts, he went 15-8 with an ERA of 2.31 in 199.1 innings. He struck out 153 while only walking 44 with a WHIP of 1.07.

Fireman of the Year
Ronn Cuddyer put out a lot of fires for the Charleston Chiefs. He recorded 41 saves in 49 attempts. He struck out 33 while walking 14. He posted an ERA of 4.68 and WHIP of 1.35 in 42.1 innings pitched.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey Polley! I think we might have found the Chief in Chicago!

Edmonds Top 10 Power Rankings

Season 7 is just getting underway in Edmonds. Here is the season's first Power Ranking. See who is getting off to a fast start!

1- Memphis Bulls (HuskyBoy)13-3. Mempis started the season winning a four game series with Florida 3-1, won a three game series with New Orleans 2-1, swept three games series against Toledo and Tampa Bay, and just completed a 2-1 series win against Atlanta. Memphis has allowed the fewest runs scored in the ML with 56.

2- Boston Pelicans (DodgerBlue13) 13-4. Boston started the season splitting a four game series at Pittsburg, won a three game series 2-1 against Charleston, swept three game series against San Jose and Philadelphia, and just completed a 3-1 series against Cleveland. Leads the ML with 3.08 ERA, and is second in WHIP with 1.18. Ismael Torcato and Glenn Anderson have each recorded shutouts.

3- Scottsdale Poltroons (mfkidd) 12-4. Swept Honululu to start the season, won 2-1 series against Las Vegas, Philadelphia, San Jose, and Minnesota.

4- Minnesota Twins (dmontagn) 12-4. Started the season 8-0 sweeping Tacoma and Cleveland, then lost 1-2 series against Nasheville, swept Seattle, and just lost 1-2 series against Scottsdale.

5- Pittsburg Pirates (axtell) 11-6. Split 4 game series with Boston, won three games series 2-1 against Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Charleston. Just completed a 3-1 series victory against Seattle. Pittsburg pitching leads the ML in OAV, OBP, SLG, and WHIP. They are third in team ERA at 3.27.

6- San Juan Cucarachas (spudley) 11-6. Split 4 game series with Baltimore, won 2-1 series versus Atlanta, swept Arizona and Iowa City, just completed 1-3 series against Chicago. San Juan's offense leads the ML with 119 runs scored and 116 RBIs. They are tied with Nashville for team home runs with 32.

7- Houston Hammers (darrenpv) 10-7. Started season 3-1 vs. Louisville, 2-1 vs. Texas, Seattle, and Nashville. Just completed a 1-3 series against Las Vegas. Ariel Roque leads the ML with 10 Hrs.

8- Arizona Cowboys (gogomez1) 10-7. Started season 3-1 vs Sacremento, 2-1 against Omaha, was swept 0-3 vs. San Juan, swept Los Angeles 3-0, split 4 game series against Tampa Bay.

9- Chicago Mayhem (blitziscomin) 10-7. Started season 3-1 vs. Ottawa, 2-1 vs. Helena, lost 1-2 vs. Tampa Bay and Toledo, just completed 3-1 series against San Juan.

10- Philadelphia Panthers (Phillies26) 9-7. Started season sweeping Charleston 4-0, went 1-2 vs. Pittsburg and Scottsdale, was swept 0-3 by Boston, just completed three game sweep of Nashville.

Profile Spotlight on Adrain Price

Adrian Price emerged on the scene immediately in '01 with an incredible rookie season for the San Diego Salty Dogs. He won the ROY and Cy young award while going 19-5 in 250+ innings with a 2.62 in the most offensive season in Edmonds History. He followed that up the next two seasons with winning the Cy Young. Also in '03 he led the Salty Dogs to their first championships and put a well deserved ring on his finger.

The following off season would bring some change to his future. As the N.O. made an offer SD could not refuse for there young star. Napoleon Burroghs,Fritz James and,Tori Douglas were shipped out west. The move paid dividends for the Card Sharks immediately.
Leading them to the division title. Unfortunately in the first game played in the playoffs would give the entire Cajun fanbase a scare. Price heard something snap in the fifth inning. He refused to tell the coaches and went back out to pitch 2 more innings before finally taking the loss and leaving the game for the final time for the season. The N.O. rallied behind the bravery shown by Price to get to the WS where it was apparent Price was needed and were consequently swept by Philly.
The '05 season is also known as the comeback. Price trained twice as hard and was back throwing off a mound in only 55 days after the broken arm. He was ready to go by spring training and seemed stronger then ever. He went on that season to win his 4th Cy Young award. Posting a 25-8 record with a 2.58 era while leading The N.O. to the best record in the AL. Once again though the team would fall in the WS. Now in season 7 Price looks as strong as ever and is hoping to bring the great fans of the N.O. there well deserved championship. Some of his career milestones include first to 100 wins (currently has 140) and first to 1000 Ks (currently has 1428).

Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to Edmonds World Blog

In this blog we will keep up with everything that is happening in HBD Edmonds World. Previews of upcoming division races, record accomplishments, and world stats. This is my first time trying to keep up with a blog so if anyone wants to help please let me know. This is just going to be another great addition to the world.
Some quick history on the world. The 63rd world created in HBD was originally formed when the rush of creating new worlds was still beginning. At a time when multiple worlds would just post a password and hope to fill, Edmonds was created by Dodgerblue (owner of the Boston Pelicans). After a couple shaky seasons at rollover time Gator993 of the New Orleans Card Sharks (aka The N.O.) helped keep the world private by recruiting quality owners. Still allowing new owners to HBD to join as long as there passion for fantasy sports was strong. Soon turnover became very small. We haven't had more then 4 teams leave in 3 seasons now as we are currently in season 7.
I look forward to bringing more history, rivalry, and stats to the blog in the future.