Saturday, February 2, 2008

85 Club

This is probably the most common post in all HBD blogs and is definitely not original but thought it would be helpful to recoginize some of the current big stars in Edmonds. These are all players that are currently rated 85 or higher overall.

  • P Wendell Trammell -85 Arizona
  • P Ismael "ICAT" Torcato-91 Boston
  • LF Al Brow-88 Charleston
  • P Corey Campbell-87 Cleveland
  • P Pedro Sierra-85 Los Angeles
  • RF Vernon Sasser-85 Louisville
  • P Douglas Spence-88 Memphis
  • SS Lee Gibson-86 Memphis
  • P Juan Encanarcion-88 Nashville
  • P Adrian "Cy Young" Price-94 New Orleans
  • P Carlos Tatis-87 New Orleans
  • P Rico Cruz-87 Ottawa
  • P Julio Alfonseca-85 Philadelphia
  • 3B Gary Gray-85 Philadelphia
  • SS Ernie Lowry-88 Philadelphia
  • 1B Bill Thurman-86 Pittsburgh
  • P Matty Carrasco-88 Pittsburgh
  • RF Antwone "Mustache" Carroll-93 Pittsburgh
  • 3B Napoleon Burroughs-88 Sacramento
  • P A.J. Williams-86 Sacramento
  • 3B David Castillo-88 San Jose
  • P Patrick Simmons-87 San Juan
  • P Scott Wells-85 San Juan
  • SS Seth Smith-85 San Juan
  • P Ricardo "The Future" Maduro-87 Scottsdale
  • 2B Kordell Durrington-86 Scottsdale
  • 2B Kordell Randolph-85 Tampa Bay

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