Saturday, February 16, 2008

Power Rankings: Feb 16

This week the NL East dominates the rankings. The NL East is easily the best division up to this point of the season.

#1) (+1) Boston Pelicans 55-20: Winners of eight straight, the Pelicans regain the top spot in the rankings. Boston's only has three series losses through 23 series to Scottsdale, Tacoma, and Baltimore.

#2) (+1) Pittsburg Pirates 54-21: The red hot Pirates have won 9 straight games. The Pirates only have three series losses out of 23. They have series losses to Scottsdale, Cleveland, and Houston.

#3) (+4) Chicago Mayhem 51-24: The Mayhem have won 5 straight and are 9-1 in last 10. The Mayhem have four series losses this season to Tampa Bay twice, Florida, and Toledo.

#4) (-3) Scottsdale Poltroons 50-25: Going 4-6 in last ten games including a 0-3 series to Sacremento drops them out of the top spot this week. They have four series losses out of 23 this season. Those series losses are to Texas, Houston, Pittsburg, and Sacremento.

#5) (-1) New Orleans Card Sharks 49-26: Winners of 5 straight, the Card Sharks are starting to pull away in the AL South. The Card Sharks have 6 series losses this season to Memphis, Sacremento, Chicago, Arizona, Baltimore, and Houston.

#6) (same) Philadelphia Panthers 49-26: The Panthers have seven series losses this season. Losses include Pittsburg, Scottsdale, Boston, Tacoma, Houston, Minnesota, and San Juan.

#7) (+1) Las Vegas Pit Bosses 44-31: They have gone 7-3 in last ten to move up a spot in this week's rankings. Can they close the gap with the top teams?

#8) (-3) Arizona Cowboys 43-32: Arizona drops in the rankings having recently gone 3-7 in last 10. Recent series losses to Scottsdale, Memphis, and Las Vegas.

#9) (unranked) Charleston Chiefs 42-33: The NL East gets all teams represented this week. This is the toughest division by far, and somebody will be left out come playoff time. Can the Chiefs make it to the playoffs?

#10) (same) Memphis Bulls 42-33: Memphis stays in the rankings with a 3-1 series win over Arizona, and with series losses to Louisville and Texas.

Falling out of the rankings is San Juan. They had a brutal schedule this past week that included games against Boston, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, and Charleston. They went a combined 3-9 against the NL East.

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