Saturday, February 2, 2008

Power Rankings: Feb 2

#1) (+1) Boston Pelicans (DodgerBlue13): 26-10. Best record in the Major Leagues. Key series wins over Philadelphia 3-0 and Houston 2-1. Upcoming series with Las Vegas, Nashville, and Scottsdale will put Boston's hold on the #1 ranking to the test.

#2) (+7) Chicago Mayhem (blitziscomin): 24-12. Best record in American League. 225 runs scored is most in the Major Leagues, and +80 in run differential is best in the majors. Key series wins over New Orleans 2-1, Memphis 2-1, San Juan 2-1, and Los Angeles 2-1.

#3) (same) Scottsdale Poltroons (mfkidd): 24-12. Is 5-2 versus Pittsburg, 2-1 against Philadelphia, 1-2 versus Houston, and 1-3 against Texas.

#4) (+1) Pittsburg Pirates (axtell): 23-13. Has allowed fewest runs scored in Major Leage at 132. Key series win 3-0 against Nasheville.

#5) (unranked) Nashville Fighting Costanzas (chas_costanz) 22-14. Has been swept 0-3 by Pittsburg and Philadelphia, but maintains 4th best record in the National League. Can they keep up this momentum?

#6) (unranked) New Orleans Card Sharks (gator993) 21-15. Card Sharks took it personal that they weren't in the first ever Edmonds world power rankings. They went 3-0 vs. Los Angeles, 2-1 vs. San Juan, 2-2 vs. Sacremento, 1-3 against Arizona, and 1-2 against Chicago. They have allowed the fewest runs scored in the AL with 136.

#7) (10) Philadelphia Panthers (Phillies26) 21-15. They have gone 0-3 vs. Boston, 1-2 vs. Scottsdale, 1-2 vs. Houston, 2-1 vs. Las Vegas, and 3-0 vs. Nashville. Philadelphia has had one of the most difficult schedules of any team so far this season.

#8) (same) Las Vegas Pit Bosses (yonerandred) 21-15. Las Vegas has series wins over Houston 3-1, and series losses to Philadelphia, Pittsburg, and Scottsdale 1-2.

#9) (7) Houston Hamers (darrenpv) 20-16. Key series victories over Scottsdale and Nashville 2-1, and series losses to Boston and Las Vegas.

#10) (8) Arizona Cowboys (gogomez1) 20-16. The Cowboys take the 10th spot beating out Memphis and San Juan. All three teams have the same record. Cowboys have series victories over New Orleans 3-1, Los Angeles 3-0, but was swept by San Juan 0-3.

Bulletin Board material:

Memphis- last week's #1 gets no love this week. Series losses to Los Angeles, San Juan, and Chicago have Memphis on the outside looking in. Will they be back next week?

San Juan- last week's #6 falls out of the rankings. Series losses to New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Chicago keep them out, even though they have series wins against Arizono, Memphis, and Sacremento.

Tell us who you think is overrated, and who should be ranked higher! Let the smack begin.


Gator993 said...

I would of thought the N.O. should be higher but the 1-3 series vs Arizona hurt. I expect a big week coming up with the draft included. Nice job Blitz!

BlitzIsComin said...

I'm gonna predict next week sees an American League club on top. Boston, Scottsdale, and Nashville have tough schedules. Mayhem has a tough schedule too. Can the N.O. come out on top?