Saturday, February 9, 2008

Power Rankings: Feb 9

Another week is in the books in Edmonds World. As teams prepare for the (weak) amateur draft, we take a look at the current top 10 teams in the Major League. Once again, the National League leads the way.

#1) (+2) Scottsdale Poltroons (mfkidd): 40-16. How do you become the top team? Beat the top team. Scottsdale swept Boston 3-0 to take over this week's top ranking. Throw in a current 10 game winning streak, and all appears well in Scottsdale. Is Scottsdale really the team to beat in the National League?

#2) (-1) Boston Pelicans (DodgerBlue13): 40-16. Winners of seven straight games and tied for the best record in the Major Leagues. Bosotn has scored 338 runs making them the highest scoring team in the ML. Will Boston be back on top next week?

#3) (+1) Pittsburg Pirates (axtell): 38-18. The Pirates are a solid playoff team. Do they have what it takes to represent the National League again this season? Can they beat Scottsdale or Boston come playoff time?

#4) (+2) New Orleans Card Sharks (gator993): 37-19. The Card Sharks continue to move up the rankings. They have allowed the fewest runs in the Major Leagues with 195. They will be a beast come playoff time with their amazing starting rotation. Will they have enough offense to finally get them over the hump and bring New Orleans a World Series title?

#5) (+5) Arizona Cowboys (gogomez1): 36-20. Winners of 8 straight games, the "Cowgirls" are making a solid run at becoming the American League's top team. Can they overtake Adrian Price and the boys from New Orleans?

#6) (+1) Philadelphia Panthers (Phillies26): 35-21. The Panthers are having a good season. The question is - are they having a strong enough season to compete with the top teams in the National League. Can they compete with Boston, Scottsdale, and Pittsburg?

#7) (-5) Chicago Mayhem (blitziscomin): 35-21. The Mayhem lost another series to Tampa Bay this week. That is two series losses to them this season. They didn't lose two series to one team all of last season. Is their dominance coming to an end?

#8) (same) Las Vegas Pit Bosses (yonerandred): 32-24. Las Vegas takes the 8th spot for the third straight week. They lost a series to Philadelphia this week. Are they better than Boston, Scottsdale, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia?

#9) (unranked) San Juan Cucarachas (spudley): 32-24. San Juan fights their way back into the rankings. They lead the AL East, but that shouldn't make them feel too special. Are they a serious threat this come out of the American League this season?

#10) (unranked) Memphis Bulls (HuskyBoy): 31-25. Winners of seven straight. These guys drop kicked the Sacremento Salty Dogs to eight games under .500, going 7-0 last week versus them. Will this be a turning point for them to start playing more consistant?

Houston and Nashville both get knocked out of the rankings. Can they follow the lead from San Juan and Memphis and climb back into the rankings? Maybe they can schedule a series or two in Sacramento (sorry rojorider - I just couldn't resist).

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